I believe in the transforming nature of tea.

My goal is to educate and inform curious minds about green & oolong teas with my curated free archive. I help you connect with connoisseurs and masters all over the world.

writer + curator

Five years ago I discovered oolong tea and my first sip was an entrance into a new mindset and world. 
This little project is my way of sharing the beauty & experience of green & oolong teas!


I believe in quality, sustainability and individuality.
 Products I love are shown- bought with my money and tested by me. If there´s an affiliatation it´s clearly stated. 


Newsletter- what do I get?

you`ll receive a bi-monthly newsletter  on the second and last sunday of each month. It´s a roundup of the weeks most interesting & inspiring articles, tea reviews and tea artitsts

Why just green tea and oolong?

The are many teas and tisanes, varieties and blends  The teas I focus on are mainly pure teas, without any added flavours.
I chose green tea and oolong tea, as those are the ones I know most of.

How should I start?

There is always a personal connection to tea. How does it make you feel? This is a lighthearted guide to the rich and different wolrd of tea, without snobbery or pretensions.

Start simple – take the short quiz to find out what your basic taste is


Privacy – I respect your privacy and your data. It´s treasured and well kept like a fine grade ding dong from 1970. Your data is not for sale. 

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